Senior Pet Wellness in Oxford

For the pets that have reached their golden years, senior pet wellness care becomes an important part of their health program. Aging affects dogs and cats just like it affects us, causing a variety of changes including arthritis, cataracts, hearing loss, diabetes, and weight gain. To anticipate the changes in your pet’s health and lifestyle, our animal hospital offers services specific to the needs of seniors. Your pet can still enjoy a full and happy life—schedule a visit with your veterinarian to work out a plan that suits them best.

Services for Our Seniors

Every pet needs a routine, especially senior pets. For your pet, we might recommend:

  • Twice-yearly physical examinations (include checking temperature, weight, heart rate, and breathing) can aid us in the early detection (and treatment) of disease.
  • Various diagnostic tests (depending on your pet’s condition), which may include a comprehensive blood panel, a complete blood cell count (CBC), testing to evaluate liver and kidney function, electrolytes, EKG, thyroid testing, and more.
  • Routine chest X-rays to better evaluate the heart and lungs
  • Medication administration and/or refills
  • Laser therapy and/or acupuncture treatment for chronic, painful conditions (such as arthritis)

Symptoms to Watch for in Your Senior Pet

While it is natural for pets to slow down when they get older, some signs can indicate a legitimate health issue. Look for any of the following and contact us right away:

  • Decreased appetite/increased appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Limping
  • Unable to stand or walk
  • Sleeping often
  • Chronic diarrhea/vomiting
  • Labored breathing/wheezing
  • Chronic coughing
  • Difficulty urinating
  • Excessive thirst/increased urination
  • Having accidents in the house
  • Lethargy/depression

These signs should not be written off as a natural consequence of aging. Let us know if your pet seems ill or isn’t acting like themselves, and we’ll be glad to help you find out the cause.