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The Trouble with Online Delivery Services

With so many online retailers dominating the digital marketplace, it’s no wonder so many people purchase as many products as they can over the internet. Ordering your pet’s food and prescription medications online is so much more convenient than having to drive out to the clinic to pick them up. These online delivery services make life easy!

The problem with online companies is that we cannot confirm the authenticity and safety of the products they deliver to you. Cans and boxes may contain different or lower-quality products than what they advertise. More important, the products delivered through these companies are not guaranteed by veterinarians. All products sold from our hospital are fully guaranteed and up-to-date.

In addition, online retailers can buy food and prescriptions in mass bulk, forcing small animal practices to increase their product prices. Support your local veterinarian and help to keep product prices from increasing.

While ordering things for your pet online can be tempting due to its convenience and the money you might save, your pet’s health is far more important. Do not risk their safety by purchasing unverifiable products. If you have questions about online delivery services or would like to know more about the products we carry in-house, call us right away at (662) 234-4336. We will be more than happy to help you.