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Cat & Dog Surgeries in Oxford, MS

At Bottletree Animal Hospital in Oxford, we have the highest veterinary surgery standards in the industry. As an AAHA accredited animal hospital, we commit to ensuring that your pet receives the very best care from our team every time.

One of the most important aspects of safe cat and dog surgeries is the safe use of anesthesia. Our anesthesia protocols follow the guidelines set by the American Animal Hospital Association, ensuring that your pet is as safe as possible during surgery. Give us a call today at (662) 234-4336.

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Anesthesia Safety

During your pet’s surgical procedure, rest assured that we will be using the safest anesthesia protocol in the industry. To ensure your pet’s safety at all times, we tailor anesthesia to the specific needs of each individual patient, ensuring that their care is customized to their particular needs. Every pet under anesthesia uses an IV catheter so that the doctors can have vascular access in case of an emergency treatment need. Should any additional medication need to be administered, the doctor will be able to handle it immediately.

During your pet’s surgery, a trained veterinary technician will also monitor your pet from the time the anesthesia is administered until the pet is awake and ready to be reunited with you. The technicians monitor all levels, breathing, temperature, and more, taking readings every 5 minutes. We also monitor pain and discomfort levels and administer pain management as needed. Call us at (662) 234-4336 to discuss your pet’s surgery today.