Cat & Dog Vaccinations in Oxford

At Bottletree Animal Hospital, we know how important your pet is to you, and we work hard to keep them in the best health possible so you can enjoy many more years of happiness together. That’s why we place such a strong emphasis on preventative medicine, including cat & dog vaccinations. Call us at (662) 234-4336 today.

Why Should I Have My Pet Vaccinated?

Just like human vaccines, pet vaccines provide additional protection against a variety of serious illnesses. The key to pet vaccines is a substance called an antigen. The antigens contained in the vaccine are structurally similar to disease-causing organisms, but they don’t cause sickness. Instead, the antigens prompt just a minor response in the immune system. If your pet is later exposed to the full disease, their body will be better equipped to fight it off.

Some pet owners mistakenly believe that their dog or cat doesn’t need to be vaccinated because they stay indoors most of the time. This is a common misconception. Many contagious illnesses are airborne and can spread quite easily. That means your pet could even be exposed by simply sitting near an open window.

Your pet’s risk of exposure to disease does increase if they spend time outside of the home. If your pet regularly visits places such as boarding kennels, pet parks, grooming salons, or daycare facilities, they’ll require additional protection. Our vets can let you know which vaccinations your pet will need.

Canine Influenza

Since early spring, the canine influenza virus (CIV) has been spreading throughout the U.S. This outbreak has led to a few pet fatalities, and the virus itself is very contagious. Some carriers of the virus do not show any outward signs. Common symptoms of CIV include coughing, nasal and ocular discharge, fever, and lethargy.

To protect canines from CIV, we offer the bivalent canine flu vaccine, which provides immunization for both the H3N2 and H3N8 strains. Following the first injection, a second booster is required within 3 weeks. Pets that will be boarding, going to the groomer, or socializing with other dogs in any other setting must be vaccinated. If you’re uncertain whether your pet needs this vaccine, please let us know.

Personalized Pet Vaccinations

We provide our patients with personalized pet vaccination schedules. Some vaccines are considered to be core and are given to every pet. Some of the core vaccines include rabies, DHPP (dogs), and FVRCP (cats).

There are also several non-core pet vaccinations. These may or may not be recommended by our vet depending on your pet’s lifestyle and risk of exposure. For example, dogs who visit the groomers or doggie daycare regularly will need to receive the vaccination for Bordetella, a highly-contagious respiratory illness.

During your pet’s wellness exam, we’ll be sure to talk to you about your pet’s lifestyle so we can customize a vaccination schedule to meet their needs. If you have any questions about pet vaccinations, or if you’d like to make an appointment, you can contact our team at Bottletree Animal Hospital in Oxford at (662) 234-4336.