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Senior Pet Wellness in Oxford, MS

Cats and dogs age much more quickly than we do. As they enter their senior years, they will need plenty of extra care from you and your veterinarian to remain in good health. With senior pet wellness care, we focus on maintaining their quality of life and preventing disease with proactive treatment.

Senior dogs and cats are both prone to age-related issues including arthritis, diabetes, heart failure, and kidney disease. Fortunately, these conditions can be reduced or managed with proper care. At Bottletree Animal Hospital, we love your pet like you do and want them to enjoy as many years with you as possible. Call us today at (662) 234-4336.

Our Services for Senior Pets

In addition to routine physical exams for your pet, we may also recommend:

  • Annual blood work to assess blood cell count and organ function and to screen for illness

  • X-rays to check their bones, heart, and lungs

  • An oral exam to determine if professional dental treatment will be needed

  • Laser therapy and/or acupuncture to reduce pain and inflammation from a chronic condition

Old Cat On Lap

Like aging humans, aging pets may need medications and supplements to keep them active and make their daily lives more comfortable. Routine vet visits are important for senior pets, who can become ill or injured with very little warning. We want to help your pet avoid these issues as much as possible and reduce the severity of any health problems they currently have.

Pain Management

Many pets will develop arthritis as they advance in years. Inflamed joints are very painful and can greatly limit your pet’s mobility. With limited mobility, your pet could experience weight gain, which puts more strain on the joints. We offer a variety of pain management options to help your pet stay active and keep off excess weight. In addition to medication, we offer laser therapy and acupuncture that we can integrate into their treatment.